Executive management team

Success through leadership

International projects in an ever-changing world requires a wealth of experience and diverse leadership. At Mellifiq, the executive management team always strives to provide a straight-forward path to business development and solving tough challenges, grounded in Mellifiq’s five core values: Business mindedness, Innovation, Trust, Excellence and Happiness.

Behrooz Gilanpour

B. Sc. | President and CEO

Behrooz joined Mellifiq as the Director of Business Development in 2003 and was named the company’s CEO in 2008. Before that he was, among many other projects, involved in the team of innovation for Sydkraft (now dominating energy company E.ON). Behrooz comes from a family of entrepreneurs in three generations and was born with a strong driving force. Behrooz has a degree in process and manufacturing engineering from Lund’s University.

“The management board is an important part of my work to get the business rolling with as little resistance as possible. It is an exciting part where we sit together with the advice of our experts and shape the business for the future.”

Behrang Gilanpour

M. Sc. | CTO

Behrang has served as the company’s CTO and head of R&D since 2005. Behrang’s entrepreneurship started early as he, at the age of 13, founded his own consulting firm producing electrical drawings using CAD. His burning interest and deep knowledge in various technical fields such as electronics, industrial automation, programming, IT infrastructure and computer security gives him a unique oversight and the tools to keep Mellifiqs products and services up to date with the latest technologies. Behrang holds a M. Sc. in computer science and engineering.

“Our ambition has always been to create a business that innovates and responds quickly to changing conditions. In a growing company, there is always a lot going on, which places high demands on the organization. By working strategically on the management board, we can prepare the company for the expanding international market ”

John Lindam

M. Sc. In Environmental Engineering | Head of Sales & Business Development

John joined Mellifiq in 2015 as business developer and project sales engineer. John has extensive market knowledge in treatment technologies as well as experience in breaking into new international markets. He is also involved in marketing strategies, having a key role in the development and implementation of all Mellifiq brands in new industries. John has 13 years of experience in the water treatment business from other globally recognized companies, adding valuable business specific insight with solid engineering proficiency. John received his M. Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia.

“Setting the base for the current and future sales and business development at Mellifiq is profoundly rewarding. What we do is unique. It is my strong belief that a combination of a strong team of engineers and application know-how with company’s strong of business mindset will thrust us towards continuous growth. The wide range of core competencies among the coworkers and the board will enable us to reach the pinnacle of success.”

Hans Emami

B.Sc. | Communication & Marketing Manager

Hans, a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of business, service and product development background, joined Mellifiq in 2018 to establish and develop its marketing and communication strategies. Hans has a deep understanding of the media and communication landscape on one hand and scalable business modeling and sustainable service development on the other. With a vast experience of branding, marketing and organizing successful teams in competitive businesses, Hans is a key driver of the digital transformation of the company. Hans holds a B.Sc in Economics and Finance from the university of Stockholm.

“I have always been fascinated by fast-growing companies disrupting their industry. To also work with such a competent and dedicated team, in resolving the world’s most important challenge, sustainable purification of air and water, is a privilege and a true honor.”

Bo Thomaeus

Attorney-at-law | Legal Advisor, Board member

Bo is a long time board member of Mellifiq and senior advisor to the executive management team. Bo is a lawyer and senior partner at Wesslau Soderqvist. In addition to his commitments to Mellifiq’s strategic work, Bo also has experience as a board member from other companies.

“It’s incredibly fascinating to follow and work with a fast growing company like Mellifiq. Being at the forefront of its industry the company is creating excellent value for its customer and at the same time having a positive effect on the environment.”

Anders Jacobson

M. Sc. In Accounting and Financial Management | Board member

Anders joined the board of directors for Mellifiq in 2020, advising the group’s management team in strategic development. In addition to his Mellifiq engagement, Anders is an active investor and engaged as board member on several other product and technology companies focused on water, air, renewable energy and sustainability.

“Mellifiq has successfully created an incredible platform of technology, products and brands that enables a sustainable way to implement water and air treatment for municipalities, the private industrial sector and commercial real estate owners. Mellifiq has an important role to play in the future, and it is very rewarding to be part of the journey.”