Multimedia filters

The best choice for effective carbon and sand filtration

Watermaid is a Mellifiq brand developing water filters. The production is located in Sweden and the products are tailor-made to fit the customers needs.

About multimedia filtration

Multimedia filters are a vital part of many industrial particle removal solutions as well as an effective polishing step. Multimedia filtration is the process of separating contaminants from various degrees of contaminated water by adsorption or pore size. Media type is selected based on the level of contamination, type of constituents and required effluent results.

Watermaid tanks

Normally, sand filtration is used as an initial particle removal stage followed by an adsorption process. Other media are also available.

Activated carbon

Application areas

Filtration can be used in different application areas and for different purposes.

  • Wastewater treatment plant

    • -Polishing of micropollutants
    • -Dechlorination
    • -Particle removal
    • -BOD or COD reduction
  • Bottling plant

    • -Dechlorination
    • -Particle removal from raw water
  • Food production

    -Incoming water particle removal
  • Swimming pool

    • -Maintain low turbidity in pool water
    • -Removing bacteria cells

Did you know…

Adsorption filtration beds can be regenerated with ozone which drastically increases the life time.

Our offering

Mellifq delivers turn-key products in our FlexKarb™-C or -S range to be used in all types of industrial and municipal water applications, covering all types of media with guaranteed performance for small and large flows. Our systems are delivered with automatic back-washing control, valves and pipes to accommodate plug-and play. We deliver our systems in stainless steel or carbon steel depending on application.

Our granular adsorption AdPor™ media and our sand filter media SPor™ have both been carefully refined and improved over the years to achieve the highest efficiency and removal rates, and enables us to offer the most compact filter solutions, compared to other competitive media solutions. All together this also results in increased life time and overall performance.

FlexKarb™Flow* SPor™ (m3/hr)Flow* AdPor™ (m3/hr)Design pressure (bar)Height x diameter (mm)
1012106.22,840 x 1,020
12141272,870 x 1,120
1416146.82,890 x 1,220
17201762,940 x 1,320
2023205.22,950 x 1,420
2526254.32,990 x 1,620
30343043,000 x 1,720
3539353.53,030 x 1,820
4044405.53,050 x 1,920
5055504.53,140 x 2,220
60656043,220 x 2,420
7582753.43,300 x 2,620
10011010043,470 x 3,020

*Recommended maximum flows, actual flow capacity may vary depending on application