Maintaining top water quality is a complex challenge for a public zoo

Located in the southeastern part of Brasov, in the Noua district of the Transylvania region of Romania, the Brasov Zoo, home to over 300 animals from 70 species, is in the middle of the forest. This quiet place is an ideal environment for the animal’s wellbeing and extra relaxing for all visitors. Brasov Zoo is an institution under the authority of the Local Council of Brasov. 

The zoo management recently planned to renovate parts of the establishment and turned to Mellifiq early in the process. The high level of contamination requires a well-designed water treatment process. The project started with an on-site review and consultation by Mellifiq’s engineers proposing a complete ozone solution, combining HELS technology ozone generators, dedicated oxygen supply and multiple ambient sensor and ozone destructors to ensure the safety. 

Through a series of ozonated protein fractionators, with the added perks of the completely sanitized water supply, Mellifiq will make sure that the unique animals living on display at the zoo have access to clear water.