Mellifiq delivers unique scrubber for odor removal to Estonia

Mellifiq’s uniquely engineered large-scale odor removal system has created immediate success for Lallemand, one of our long-term customers in Estonia.

With a whopping 94% odor removal rate, our latest deliveries for tough odor problems was made possible through a tailored designed scrubber with integrated ozone treatment in both air and water phase.

Our system efficiency and versatile offering has resulted in high degree of trust over the years and we are proud that this latest delivery from our contracting department has strengthens Mellifiq’s position in the field of industrial air treatment.

Lallemand, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of yeast and bacteria, provides microbiological solutions for dozens of different industries trough their top-of-the-line production facilities in among others, Estonia and Slovakia. In their daily business they face some of the toughest odor challenges in the industry.