Mellifiq impacts the Finnish micropollutant removal market

Pitkäniemi treatment plant in Lohja is the first wastewater treatment plant in Finland to install a complete solution, delivered by Mellifiq, to study the concentrations of 113 different pharmaceutical residues, only a small percentage of all drugs used in Finland. The installation is planned for early next year. The first analysis from Lohja will be completed in October-November.

Normally, wastewater treatment plants do not have systems for removing pharmaceutical residues from their wastewater, nor is there an obligation to monitor them. “It is a completely new technology in the Finnish market” says water supply manager Jorma Lehtonen. The purpose of this test is to map the different drug residues currently polluting the sewer network. The project is part of the Water Protection Program and supported by the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

“There will be a temporary container building where the wastewater will be examined before and after the treatment plant, as well as the results of the treatment with the system” Supply manager Jorma Lehtonen continues.

Project engineer Ivan Peshev from Mellifiq says “This is a unique opportunity for us at Mellifiq to show the Finnish wastewater market how efficient and cost-effective our systems remove pharmaceutical residues”. These systems have been tested and are already in use in Sweden, with nothing but astonishing results.