Mellifiq treats local surface water in Stockholm

Mellifiq has been trusted to cooperate with the local authorities to assess the efficacy of treating the local surface waters in Stockholm.

Although its superb drinking water quality, Stockholm from time to time receives reports of sub-standard surface waters close to densely populated urban areas.

Thanks to our deep knowledge in water treatment and the width of our technologies and services, Mellifiq was hired to investigate a method to reduce bacterial counts and organic material, which can contribute to algal blooms and eutrophication during the summer months.

With our in-house pilot facility, we could confirm a 6-log reduction in E. coli and a 96% reduction in COD. The treatment efficiency was calculated to less than 0.06 kWh/m3 for an equivalent full-scale advanced oxidation plant.

The project now continues over the next months to find a proper implementation method through detailed project engineering.