Mellifiq’s systems headlines Sweden’s largest industrial wastewater magazine

The July 2020 issue of Cirkulation, Swedens largest and widespread professional wastewater treatment magazine, features a major article frontlining our pharmaceutical removal system at Tierp’s wastewater treatment plant.

Together with TEMAB, the local municipal environmental and operational company, Mellifiq’s full scale micropollutant is discussed, featuring in depth interview with Mellifiq’s John Lindam and TEMAB’s head of wastewater treatment operations Jørgen Johansen.

“Pharmaceutical residues in our drinking water is an emerging problem and is finally being taken seriously by the authorities. We are excited to work with pioneers like Tierps municipality and proud to offer the advanced treatment required to resolve these issues.” Says Behrooz Gilanpour, CEO at Mellifiq.

Please read the article here, combination technology is technically discussed, which has been running successfully since June.