Real estate contracting for commercial and residential buildings

Complete responsibility and engineering

Combined with our systems and solutions for kitchen exhaust treatment, heat recovery, odor control and sanitation, we offer ventilation contracting, ducting, automation and controls for exhaust air, heat exchange systems. Mellifiq utilizes the latest CAD design and project management tools as well as complete supply-chain management to execute our projects efficiently.

Projects of any size

The Mellifiq contracting offering is especially suitable for greenfield projects with complete responsibility from planning, design, construction and execution. For retrofit projects, our goal is to provide our clients with process optimization, integration of new technologies with complete integration. Our contracting offering is especially in high demand for commercial kitchen systems and exhaust treatment projects in large scale and small scales.

Complete ventilation project partner

Mellifiq acts as our clients’ project partner with complete execution from initial assessment to finished turn-key handover. Mellifiq acts as a suitable partner for any project if you:

Our offering

Our solid team of project managers, automation engineers, process engineers and our broad technology platform merge into a trusted center of excellence from which we execute complete turn-key projects including:

  • Feasibility study

    Assessment of current HVAC performance, current state of equipment, environmental assessment reports, fire protection inspection.
  • Engineering

    Ventilation and building drawing revisions with CAD, heat exchange calculations and simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), project management.
  • Ventilation installation and automation

    Complete installation of ventilation ducts, sourcing and logistics, with FTX for exhaust and supply air heat exchange systems including filter units and kitchen hoods integration for commercial buildings.
  • Air treatment technology integration

    Sizing, delivery and installation of air treatment system, including high performance ozone systems, UV, pre-filtration and exhaust air treatment. Ventilation automation integration with treatment technology.
  • Commissioning and start-up

    On-site commissioning services including optimization, operator training, functional evaluation.

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