Water filtration

Complete range of filtration solutions

Particle separation is a core process step in most industrial and municipal processes. Through our extensive offering from the Watermaid™ brand product line, we offer adsorption units and membrane technology to our clients in all corners of the world.

As an integrator, Mellifiq always supplies complete configuration with automatic back-washing, replacement parts, filter media and pipework configuration on demand. Our flexible offer enables particle, ion, chlorine and micropollutant removal at any flow and concentration, especially when combined with our oxidation technologies from Ozonetech.

Multimedia filter system designed and delivered by Mellifiq for wastewater treatment plant tertiary treatment.

Multimedia filters are especially effective for particle removal before downstream polishing units, which creates extra security and efficiency in the overall treatment process. From our Watermaid™ systems and products, coarse filters are suitable in almost all large and small scale applications and processes. Adsorption units are suitable for large and small flows for dissolved organics, polishing or chlorine removal with a highly adaptable footprint and operation.

Type Application
Multimedia filtration for waterIon exhange, suspended solids
Activated carbon adsorptionActive pharmaceutical ingredients, PFOS, PFAS, TOC, COD, DOC
Ultrafiltration, nano filtration and RODesalination, micropollutants
Coarse filtrationHeavy metals, prefiltration
Watermaid – Reverse osmosis

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